Sign The Petition To Raise the CA Courts Interpreter Per Diem Rates


TTIG Gathers signatures in support of Raising the Interpreter Per Diem Rates in California Courts.

Those of us who contract with the California Courts have probably heard that the employees in Regions 1, 2 and 3 have negotiated raises in their upcoming contracts.

However, these new raises DO NOT apply to Independent Contractors.

The California Courts Per Diem rate currently stands at $157.56/$282.23 and has not seen an increase in more than ten years!

It is up to us to request a raise to the Interpreter Per Diem Rate directly from the Judicial Council of California. [Continue reading]

An interpreter facilitates a family’s closure

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 2.43.12 PM

The following is a FaceBook post from Federally and California Certified interpreter Mylene Green working in Riverside Superior Court. I wish I could tell you that I saved the day with a fancy word or that I memorized a 75-word segment. I did … [Continue reading]

An Open Letter to Interpreters and the Courts in California

Interpreter, educator and union activist Fanny Suárez

By Fanny Suárez I’m addressing you as someone who’s leaving a profession which I love and to which I’ve dedicated myself fully for 16 years. I’d like to share with you several lessons I learned. We went through a protracted struggle to elevate … [Continue reading]

California Language Access Plan draft available for comment

CFI Legislative Committee member Michael Ferreira, Court Interpreter Advisory Panel member Janet Hudec, TTIG Unit Chair Angie Birchfield, CIAP member Debra Donson, CFI Legislative Chair Mary Lou Aranguren and CFI President Ariel Torrone.

A draft of California’s Language Access Plan (LAP) is available for comment. CFI representatives are looking at the plan and preparing to voice interpreters’ feedback and input. The deadline for turning in comments is Sept. 29, … [Continue reading]

TTIG advocates for professional pay to contractors

TTIG continues advocating for an increase to the per diem paid to independent contractors who work in California courts. The Judicial Council has referred TTIG’s request to raise the daily rate from $282.23 to an advisory committee, said Angie … [Continue reading]