California’s Judicial Council approves Language Access Plan

SACRAMENTO _ Judicial Council members approved a statewide language access plan (LAP) on Thursday that includes a Video Remote Interpreting pilot program while also seeking to address the US Department of Justice recommendation to expand language access for California court users.

The state’s Chief Justice also named Supreme Court Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuellar as the chair of the committee that will work to implement the plan and seek funding for it.

Before the plan was approved, CFI Local 39000 President Ariel Torrone asked the Council to include a CFI representative on the implementation committee since interpreters are stakeholders in the plan.

“We saw during the LAP working group process that there are numerous inaccurate assumptions about how labor agreements and interpreter act provisions affect aspects of language access,” Torrone said.

our organization sharply disagrees with a section of the plan that permits courts to deploy their own version of remote interpreting

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L A Times Reports on Language Access Plan in California

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