A Brief Guide to Workers’ Comp Legislation SB863

SB863 is an ambitious set of reforms to the CA Workers Comp system that has been passed into law and is designed to implement broad reductions in the direct costs to Insurance Carriers. The DIR (Department of Industrial Relations), charged with implementing the reforms, is looking for ways to cut Workers Comp costs for the insurance companies. The insurance lobby is therefore very involved in guiding the DIR’s activities to optimize cost cutting. As interpreters, we have seen an example of these recent cost cutting practices in the implementing of Preferred Provider Networks (PPN/MPN) for medical interpreting services. The result has been a spike in assignments that are filled by large out of state agencies, a consequent increase in the use of non-certified interpreters and mounting pressure on individual interpreters to lower rates or compromise working conditions. And the quality of interpreting services has suffered… [Continue reading]

We Got AB2370 To His Desk…Let’s Get Gov. Brown To Sign It!

To: The Honorable Edmond G. Brown, Governor, State of California Re: Support for AB 2370 Dear Governor Brown: A great deal is at stake in civil and criminal court matters, making it fundamentally important to use interpreters who practice under … [Continue reading]

Sign The Petition To Raise the CA Courts Interpreter Per Diem Rates


Those of us who contract with the California Courts have probably heard that the employees in Regions 1, 2 and 3 have negotiated raises in their upcoming contracts. However, these new raises DO NOT apply to Independent Contractors. The … [Continue reading]

An interpreter facilitates a family’s closure

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 2.43.12 PM

The following is a FaceBook post from Federally and California Certified interpreter Mylene Green working in Riverside Superior Court. I wish I could tell you that I saved the day with a fancy word or that I memorized a 75-word segment. I did … [Continue reading]

An Open Letter to Interpreters and the Courts in California

Interpreter, educator and union activist Fanny Suárez

By Fanny Suárez I’m addressing you as someone who’s leaving a profession which I love and to which I’ve dedicated myself fully for 16 years. I’d like to share with you several lessons I learned. We went through a protracted struggle to elevate … [Continue reading]