California’s ‘Crisis of Care’

Kids interpreting for their parents. Bilingual staff pressed into emergency service. A telephone interpreter mistaking a “head pains” for “hand pains.”

This must-read article and accompanying videos by the San Francisco Chronicle describe the “mishmash of standards” putting patients with limited English proficiency at risk in medical clinics and hospitals throughout California.

Read it here and share your thoughts.


California’s Judicial Council approves Language Access Plan

SACRAMENTO _ Judicial Council members approved a statewide language access plan (LAP) on Thursday that includes a Video Remote Interpreting pilot program while also seeking to address the US Department of Justice recommendation to expand language … [Continue reading]

L A Times Reports on Language Access Plan in California

11/04/14 - The Los Angeles Times reports on the call for compliance from the US Department of Justice and the California Judicial Council's response. Both CFI (California Federation of Interpreters) and IGA (Interpreters Guild of America, formerly … [Continue reading]

Annual Renewal and Compliance for California Interpreters due December 31, 2014.

SAN FRANCISCO _ Certified and Registered Interpreters enrolled in the Judicial Council’s Master List should have received the Annual Renewal and Compliance packet in their inbox or mailbox. These forms and payment must reach the Court Language … [Continue reading]

Governor signs into law CFI-sponsored interpreter credential verification bill

SACRAMENTO _ Gov. Brown signed into law a CFI-sponsored bill that mandates an interpreter’s certification be stated and verified on the record for court proceedings and depositions, including requiring an interpreter to show identification to prove … [Continue reading]